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Provillus - this herbal supplement strengthens hair as well as provides the essential nutrients for hair re-growth. There is nothing to loose with its money back guarantee!

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Top Hair Loss Product Reviews

Welcome to HairLossReviews.net! We started investigating about natural hair loss products and treatments in 2005.By comparingseveral hair loss productsand alopecia treatments, our research has found these top three hair loss products listed below. These natural supplements were selected due to their fast andproven results, product quality, and customer satisfaction. In addition, they do not require a doctor's prescription for their acquisition (also known as OTC, Over-The-Counter medication). These are the safest and mostefficient hair loss products available for men and women.



Our Reviews

1. Provillus 


This herbal treatment receives our #1 position. With its natural formula, helps both MEN and WOMEN re-grow their hair. Provillus proves to be very effective in terms of high success and being easily tolerable by users, with results as fast as 90 days! Also, its customer service is excellent; it includes live chat as one of the ordering options. In addition, this hair loss product now comes as a treatment with a topical solution which includes a FDA-approved ingredient (Minoxidil 5%). Such ingredient has demonstrated an ability to stimulate hair growth for both men and women, thus establishing a valuable asset in treating hair loss.

- HairLossReviews Rating :  9.8
- Price : $149.95 for a 4 month supply

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 PROVILLUS - Complete Hair Loss Product Review
 Provillus for Men - Product Review
 Provillus for Women - Product Review

2. Procerin


This hair loss treatment benefits in majority to younger men between the ages of 20-30, or to such individuals who are in a hair growing phase. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for women at the moment. Procerin is considered one of the best natural products on demand today due to its effectiveness, quality, service, and price over a period of six months. It includes a money back guarantee of 90 days. For faster solution to treat hair loss both internally and externally, our staff recommends to use Procerin tablets in conjunction with Procerin XT (serum).

- HairLossReviews Rating :  9.5
- Price : $69.95 for a 3 month supply

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 PROCERIN - Complete Hair Loss Product Review
 Procerin for Men - Product Review

3. Advecia


This supplement is very popular and one the most recommended. Its formula works in combination with regular body processes to distribute essential nutrients to the scalp, therefore preventing hair loss and possibly re-growing brand new hair. Advecia can be used by both MEN and WOMEN. There is money back guaranteed of 180 days for this hair loss product.

- HairLossReviews Rating :  9.2
- Price : $149.95 for a 4 month supply

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 ADVECIA - Complete Hair Loss Product Review


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Provillus Procerin Sephren Advecia
Men and Women Products Just Men Just Women
Blocks DHT N/A
Packages Available Provillus Hair Regrowth (solution) Procerin XT (serum) Sephren Foam (Topical Solution) N/A
Money Back Guarantee 3 months 3 months 3 months 6 months
Customer Support Phone, Email & Live Chat Phone, Mail, Email, Phone, Mail, Email, Online Contact Form Phone, Email & Live Chat
Offers Buy 4 get 2 free N/A N/A Buy 4 get 2 free
Prices per Month Supply      (based on volume-bulk) $33 package $37 combo $42 combo $38
Customer Satisfaction Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent
Overall Rating 9.8 9.5 9.4 9.2





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