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Archived Hair Loss News - 2007

This space is for your convenience; it displays hair loss Archived News of 2007. A brief summary of original article follows the link for your convenience.
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Archived Hair Loss News 2007

  • Full Article CourierPress (Aug. 13, 2007) on women concerned about their hair appearance and looking for treatments. Dr. Marcia Cave, a physician at Deaconess Women’s Hospital gives frequent advice to women worried about excessive and sudden hair loss. She anticipates to patients with questions on the topic that its possible factors are stress, genetic condition or hormonal imbalance, or simply a medical period due to treatments.

  • Full Article EMediaWire (Aug. 10, 2007) on “The Bald Truth” radio program from The American Hair Loss Association changes schedule to 8 pm EST as of 08/12/2007. This commemoration is entitled after the show has been on-air for six months on XM Satellite Radio. Thanks to Spencer Kobren for keeping up the awesome work!

  • Full Article DailyMail (Aug. 1, 2007) on Pamela Sue Martin, a 80’s Hollywood actress famous for her role in Dynasty. She openly discussed her troubles with hair loss from an early age, difficulty to embrace female hair loss since at the time it was normally consider a male issue, and how she trusted vitamins and supplements to cope and diminish her hair loss condition after menopause.

  • Full Article HeraldSun (Jul. 26, 2007) on women and hair loss. Dr. Francesca Collins from Monash University an author of book “Bad Hair Day” talks about the psychological effects of female hair loss; while book co-author and St. Vincent’s Hospital director Prof Rod Sinclair mentions the probable causes of hair loss in women. Among them, hormonal imbalances, genetic factors, medication intake, and illness are briefly pointed out.

  • Brief Article Nwitimes (Jul. 25, 2007) on Active Art Salon providing with free hair cuts and styling for individuals who wish to donate hair to non-profit organization Locks of Love. Appointments can be made by calling the number at the bottom of page; the salon will take appointments for such noble cause until August 31. Hair donated is put together to create wigs for children who suffer from hair loss.

  • Brief Article Contactmusic (Jul. 21, 2007) on Hilary Swank as the new face for non-profit charity organization called Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Such organization encourages individual to grow, cut, and donate their hair in order to make wigs for women dealing with cancer. She promised to cut her hair and give it away as a donation to this organization.

  • Full Article Eacourier (Jul. 18, 2007) on girls donating hair in ponytails for Locks of Love, an organization (making wigs mostly for children), or Pantene Beautiful Locks (helps both children and adults). These non-profit organizations have notice an increase of hair donations in the past few months. Also, local beauty salons such as Alicia's French Cut are providing free service for this noble cause.

  • Full Article TimesofIndia (Jul. 16, 2007) on some facts about hair and its phases, growth, and hair loss as a sign of imbalances in body. Hair loss is mentioned both as a temporary result of medication or post-surgery effect, and as a permanent factor. For the former, only hair loss treatment is needed. For the later, treatment for its cause is of utmost importance, leaving hair loss as a secondary item to be concerned with.

  • Full Article 9news (Jul. 12, 2007) on a another special laser helmet from Sunetics Advanced Laser Therapy System which purpose is to proving beams of energy at a wavelength favorable to be absorbed by follicles. The process is somewhat similar to the HairMax LaserComb, except that more laser diodes are applied (107 instead of 10), and the treatment on scalp runs for about 48 weeks with additional tune-ups. The laser comb treatments is 20 min every other day. But such a miracle does not come cheap, since this kind of lifetime hair loss treatment can range anywhere from $3500-$4000.

  • Full Article Newtimesslo (Jul. 4, 2007) on a low-level laser method from Central California Laser Therapy using a  to treat hair loss by stimulating hair growth in vulnerable follicles. While committing to a 6-12 month treatment (which price goes from $2500-$4000), individuals also need to use a small laser brush or comb (available for $400) at home to promptly achieve successful results. According to institution, about 80% of patients have chosen their option of interest-free financing to cover such hair loss laser treatment expenses, a plus for maintaining clientele and business growth.

  • Full Article About (Jun. 26, 2007) on Saw Palmetto as a popular herbs to treat or aid male and female hair loss. This ingredient as a remedy for baldness is fully disclosed giving interesting facts about how the body reacts to its intake and  its side effects.

  • Full Article Buzzle (Jun. 22, 2007) on home remedies, herbs, and nutritional supplements for hair loss. Also Rogaine and Propecia hair loss treatments are briefly discussed.

  • Full Article Earthtimes (Jun. 21, 2007) a survey made by International Society of Hair Restoration in Geneva, Illinois suggests a drastic increase in percentage of people seeking hair restoration. From 2004 to 2006 soared 34% internationally. This is probably due to high understanding of procedures and treatments options available.

  • Full Article Thedenverchannel (May. 28, 2007) on a Denver women that after suffering endometrial cancer and trying Rogaine (minoxidil) and other hair loss treatments she decided for Virtual Reality Hair. The product consists on a thin membrane applied to scalp, then a sheet of hair is rolled (looped) onto it, with the whole process taking as little as 20 minutes. Such method is redone every four weeks for a period of one year, and the annual cost of this luxury solution is anywhere between $3000-$6000.

  • Full article Washingtoncitypaper (May. 24, 2007) on few hair loss treatments and its  differences. Such treatments include minoxidil, only effective on crown of head, and finasteride, useful on crown and growth of some hairline. The other method discussed was hair transplants, which offered a more permanent solution if you have the available funds for such surgical procedure. More research and techniques are being developed, so do not give up all your hopes just yet!

  • Full Article Buzzle (May. 23, 2007) on advices and natural remedies tips to achieve a head with stronger, fuller, and healthier hair. After disclosing the fact that more men in developed countries are suffering from baldness, the author mentions an interesting mix of herbs and oils that could be used to treat hair loss. In addition, he importantly denotes that one should be determined and patient while waiting for results regarding of solution or treatment chosen.

  • Full Article Emaxhealth (May. 18, 2007) on scientific discovery by dermatologist in University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, of new stimulation to create new follicles in mice, and to control the amount of hair growth.

  • Full Article TaipeiTimes (Apr. 17, 2007) on hair loss as one of many physical and emotional changes that can influence libido and sexual drive.

  • Full Article Newsnet5 (Apr. 11, 2007) on an ex-rock band guitarist fixing his bald head with surgery. After trying drugs such as Rogaine and Propecia (non-surgical formulas approved by FDA) apparently being effective only if used at early stages of hair loss, Seth Garon made the decision of moving forward with a hair restoration procedure called Follicular Unit Transplantation, FUT. Some risks associated with restoration are scarring, excessive bleeding, infection, and the death of hair follicles. The approximate cost for such procedure can set you back about $3-8 per graft (follicle); in his case a lump sum of $12000. He recommends to be alert and thoroughly research  the doctor as well as the clinic where having the hair restoration/transplant done.

  • Full Article Rediff News (Mar. 13, 2007) on tips for maintaining and stimulating healthy hair starting at a young age. There are several points that Dr. Parul Kolhe suggests for avoiding the loss of hair such as shampooing and conditioning hair according to hair type, combing hair only when is dry and by brushing it in an upside down position, hair drying and coloring it not too frequently, feeding it with a diet rich in proteins, and more importantly, trying to keep stress under control.

  • Full Article Emaxhealth (Feb. 16, 2007) on a new medical device cleared by FDA to promote hair growth in males with androgenetic alopecia. HairMax Lasercomb (with retail price of $545 for a lump sum, or $595 with easy payment option), is a drug-free solution for hair loss sufferers which is recommended to be used 10-15 min. a day, three times per week. During clinical study, about 93% of subjects noticed an increase in the number of thick hairs, and better yet there were no serious side effects.

  • Full Article Visual Makeover (Feb. 12, 2007) on hair cloning or multiplication of hair as a new hair loss treatment with futuristic positive results in a few years. Such procedure consists in taking a sample of hair follicles from the back of the head, growing  in culture the ones producing cells, and then re-implanting these grown cells into the scalp. Some determined barriers such as to quantity, density, and angles of hair growth still persist.

  • Full Article The Hindu (Feb. 6, 2007) on identifying hair loss as one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, a thyroid disorder.

  • Full Article MSNBC (Jan. 25, 2007) on diet and nutrition for a healthier hair. After mentioning some medical and stress related reversible conditions of hair  thinning, TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer states what kind of minerals and vitamins should be included in ones diet to lessen the loss of hair. Individuals are recommended to increase intake of foods containing protein, iron, zinc, vitamins C, B (folate), B-6, and B-12.

  • Full Article Daily Mail (Jan. 23, 2007) on caffeine as a hair follicle growth stimulator for men, thus relating a possible new treatment to undergo more research in order to find a cure for baldness; a condition affecting about 50% of British gentlemen of ages 50 or more.

  • Full Article Houston Chronicle (Jan. 15, 2007) on hair loss causes and baldness in general. Two FDA-approved medicines are recommended to stimulate hair grown: Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia), which should be used for a period of at least a year to show some positive results in men.

  • Full Article Fort Wayne (Jan. 8, 2007) on how bald looks affects people, probable causes for hair loss, different areas of baldness in men and women, as well as a constructive way to handle hair loss: hair-replacement method (with prosthetic hair), a system described by Dan Walters and Dr. Paul Weiss which is considered to be more successful along the hairline.


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