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Propecia - Finasteride for Hair Loss

 We included in this page pertinent information for your convenience about Propecia (Finasteride) as a treatment for hair loss. Among topics discussed are: Propecia definition and main ingredient, manufacturer, proper dosage or intake and storage requirements, brief explanation as to how it works in body, Propecia results and side effects, generic names and advantages, and finally, recommended online places (trusted pharmacies)  where to buy or order Propecia pills and their current prices/cost.


Propecia (1mg Finasteride), Proscar (5mg Finasteride).


Propecia is a prescribed drug or medication which has been approved by the FDA since 1997 to manage and treat hair loss or baldness by increasing hair growth.


Propecia key ingredient to treat baldness or hair loss is called Finasteride 1 mg.


Propecia pills contain 1 mg of key ingredient Finasteride, while Proscar pills has 5 mg of key ingredient. In addition, the former is manufactured to treat male pattern baldness; also known as Androgenetic Alopecia in men. The second is produced to treat both Bening Prostatic Hyperplasia BHP (for lower doses) and Prostate cancer (for higher doses).


The pharmaceutical lab currently manufacturing Propecia is Merck Co. They hold the patent on Finasteride to treat male pattern baldness which is set to expire on November 2013.


To increase hair growth while stopping hair loss process, this pill is to be taken once a day ONLY with full glass of water. It does not matter whether before or after meals, just include it in daily routine and take it regularly. Always follow doctor instructions and/or those found on prescription container or label. Do not take extra medicine if a dose is missed, just skip the day and continue with its regular intake the next day.


Propecia should be store at room temperature and far from humidity, moisture, light, and heat; it must be kept away from children and tightly closed.


When men suffer from male pattern baldness, it is usually due to high levels of a hormone called DiHydroTestosterone (a.k.a DHT for short) which causes reduction of hair growth phase - hair to begin thinning (follicle miniaturization or shrinking) at both temples and crown of head, leaving as a result a bald spot overtime because hair follicles have been destructed. Propecia acts as a blocker of enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, which in turns decreases level of DHT hormone in scalp and prevents such Testosterone conversion. This process is beneficial in both ways; stopping further hair loss while increasing likelihood of normal hair re-growth in men.


Propecia pill is intended ONLY for men with male pattern baldness. We strongly advise women with hair loss or female pattern baldness not to take Propecia, or at least to have a careful, honest and complete discussion with doctor or primary physician before beginning a Propecia prescription regimen. It could be established to be useful for younger women (pre-menopausal individuals) than for mature women suffering from alopecia, also known as female hair loss.


Optimal hair growth results could be observed after taking Propecia pill for a period of two years and first visible outcome of its intake is shown just following timeframe of six months when used everyday. Be patient, Propecia is effective as long as intake therapy treatment for hair loss continues regularly. It has been proven effective mostly on crown area or vertex (middle top part of head).


A few unlikely side effects reported in clinical trials were erectile dysfunction, problems with ejaculation, and decrease in libido (less than 2% of group members). Other less serious side effects encountered were headaches, dizziness, weakness, swelling of hands or feet or lips, swelling or tenderness of breasts, skin rash, and possible depression. Propecia can affect the results of blood test called Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Finasteride ingredient in Propecia pills is included in list for banned substances within sports community because it can be used to mask or cover steroid abuse.


Generic Propecia is commonly seen at several online phamacies under the name of Finpecia, Finast, Finax, Finara, Finalo, Prosteride, Gefina, Appecia, Finasterid IVAX, and Finasterid Alternova. The generic names change according to companies manufacturing/selling such generic version of Propecia. The dosage of Finpecia generic drug is the same as that found in Propecia pill, 1 mg.


Generic Propecia has been determined to be an affordable alternative to original Propecia pill thanks to its cheap or discounted prices with same positive results.


If you are interested in buying Propecia, the selection process is very simple and straight-forward. First, you must obtain a prescription signed by doctor for its acquisition. Second, deciding if purchasing it at your local pharmacy is the most convenient and practical way, or perhaps you would like to shop around at different online places (pharmacy websites) were you are more likely to obtain more quantities for less money; this is good if buying or ordering Propecia pills in bulk. We suggest before buying Propecia online to first verify the online pharmacy with pharmacychecker.com seal verification for trusted companies. In addition, we advise US customs are enforcing firm requirements for imported prescribed medicines from other countries. You may find Canadian pharmacies offer much lower prices on Propecia with the disadvantage of possible shipment delays or hold ups due to US customs regulations.


Propecia prices or online costs varies according to package quantities and generic or original versions of Propecia. For your convenience, we included below some trusted online pharmacies which sell Propecia at discounted prices. Feel free to visit them to view current list prices or cost of Propecia pills for hair loss.

                                           USA Based Pharmacies:


NOTE: We recommend you consult with your doctor or medical physician before beginning the usage or intake of Propecia pill as a meaning of hair loss treatment and to better understand risks and benefits. Also, it is important to disclose with doctor if taking any other medication or reaction to any medication taken in the past (ex: allergies, or similar medicine such as dutasteride-Avodart) or special condition with your body system like liver disease, bladder disorder, urethra stricture or not comfortable while unrinating, or prostate cancer. PREGNANT WOMEN should not take (or even come in contact with or handle) Propecia pills due to risk of birth defects.

Report Side Effects
If you have experienced any side effects while taking Propecia pills for hair loss, please report them to www.fda.com/medwatch, or you may call toll-free number 1800-FDA-1088
Also, you need to contact your doctor or health care provider immediately to notify such side effects for prompt counter-action.

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